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    • Edward_Connigton admin application
      Make your steam profile public.
    • N'Kulu Tribe
      Don't say sorry for speaking white man tongue! Instead you should be taking white man tongue
    • Edward_Connigton admin application
      In-GameName:  Crossbowman_Edward_Connington, Edward_Connington Age: 16
      Please provide link to your Steam ID:
      For how long have you been using our servers?: I used to play on the Nexus_Roleplay 4 months, until it was closed
      Why do you want to be an Administrator:   I play PW 400-600 hours, I have to super admin (SA) in garry's mode DarkRP (Now one year) and have my PW server 1 month. Only the mount and blade: warband I have about 1000 hours. I have a lot of free time to play! I also liked to monitor servers in other games, I did not yield to the temptation of trolling and benefits, I was just playing and when all players need my help - I figured out the cause and helped them! I do not give out items to friends. And yes, I forgot to say about Russian players, it is generally a different problem - they usually do not know the rules, and it would be desirable for administrators to spend more time Russian players followed them and helped get started, I know Russian so I can monitor and to help them! (And other players on the server of course!). I'm tired of RDMERS and other violators of the rules, Very long wait for the administrator that it has helped, so I want to decide my problems and general problems.
      Please describe your intended admin style, give examples where possible of how you would use available evidence to decide appropriate action:  For the beginning I need to learn in what a problem, I collect all witnesses which are connected with this (If a clan, then then the of Lord). If the offender log, then the versed without the infringer. Auscultated in what there was a business, I check logs and proofs, and if logs confirms this, then the determines the time Punishment (ban) and solved complaint! If infringer did not went out with server, then then the I collect of all of witnesses and I start to understand. At first I will listen player which gave complaint, Views logs and proofs, then I shall listen an excuse the offender, suddenly earlier (10 minutes ago) he received the reason to kill? Then I understand the information received, and decide what to do. What same to me to do if the has been violated a certain rule? Or person simply has killed the the infringer for that that he readying a swing, aiming with a crossbow, or pulling back a bowstring? I need the proof of this: Screenshots or video! P.S -  Spoiler  I used to admin (A) at old Nexus_rolepley.
      What are your most active hours?  Day and evening (GMT +0)   Can anyone vouch for you? If so, who?  Maybe anybody from House Connington  Mr_BabyNice  ZenderX  
      Any additional information? I live in Latvia, I know the Russian and not good not bad English (normal). Sometimes it can be useful to Google translator. Well, so I an adequate man who is always ready to help a person in the game and in real life! ( I can help a Russian man who does not know English     
    • [Server-Discussion] Infinite Stocks [Reworked Thread]
      Happy to hear it's going back to normal. You were brave, many people would be afraid to do such a big change -just look at the community reaction. Even I am reluctant and "scared" of such a change-, you tried, but people is just too scared of new things. That, and also because it was quite rushed. Such a change needed a lot of planification like you said, mainly to make a proper map and avoid the glitching that happened. Now the economy is all broken, I myself made easily 100k yesterday with very little effort (Maybe 2 hours? And because I was bitching around the whole time, not actually focused on making money). A few (not so few actually) are so rich right now, and that's just a let-down for me. For once we had a server that didn't give us any "welcome" money, on which I could have (and did) serfed for some time until the scripts broke all the fun on serfing again. And now it's gone. This is a let-down for me, and probably for many people, especially those who didn't make any money out of this, and that will have to serf for a completely broken economy right at the very start of the server. It's dangerous for the near future of the server itself.