Nexus is now using a new system on the server, featuring unlimited stockpiles. This does mean that crafting of armour, weapons and clothing has been removed. We are keeping it on the server as a trial, and will continue to keep it on as long as the community likes it. If it isn't liked, then it can easily be removed.

Post your thoughts in a thread created by Rowan here


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    • [Server] Infinite Stocks
      This feature moves PW server towards Native or cRPG deathmatch. Is this good or bad? You decide. You are admins and, of course, able to do all what you want on your server. My opinoin about this new feature:  strong NO. Then make 'admin scalpel restock' cheap horses up to maximum, as well as cheap weapons. Or just restart map once a day, this fills stocks back. But cutting out the biggest part of economy, thus simplifying game for just fighting, imho, sounds not too good.
    • Northern Star - Bugs and suggestions
      Clearly those 10 guys were wanking in the tunnels am i rite
    • [Server] Infinite Stocks
      The server is currently testing an infinite stocks setting (Not entirely sure why, it was still in discussion internally, but now it is live it's time to take it public, thus this thread). This is hastily written because I'm a little busy right now, and even a little frustrated because I've had to write this so many times. Excuse anything that is poorly explained, poorly written etc. etc. Anyway, this thread is for people outside of the admin team, so that they may express if they dislike this change or like it. So what does this mean? This means all stockpiles, no matter the location or the content, have unlimited stock. They won't need to be crafted prior to you purchasing them, meaning you can buy anything as long as you have the gold for it. So no more walking all over the map in search of a sumpter or saddle horse, in short. No more empty clothes stockpiles in the village, and no more empty TW stockpiles in the TW HQ on VoS. Want that great sword, but it's out of stock? Not anymore. You get the idea. So what about resources? Resources now server as a means to an end. They are collected and sold for money and nothing else. In fact, money becomes the resource used to 'create' and acquire weaponry and armour, clothing and horses. It will also give access to a new profession, if it is kept, as mappers will be able to design a triangular trade system if wanted. What is this 'Triangular Trade System'? It is an alternative way of making money that hasn't been in PW since V34. After the overhaul of PW's systems that led to V4 as we know it, trading was inadvertently removed. It still, sort of, exists by default, but it usually isn't worth it for people to get involved in it, due to marginal profit margins and so. Mappers could increase profits further, but it would make crafting too expensive, if not a drain on an engineer's pockets, so you won't see any more than a few golds worth of profits, which isn't exactly worth the risk - success means a few hundred gold gain, maybe a thousand tops, failure could mean a few thousand lost, maybe more. With the introduction of the infinite stock changes, this means crafting becomes non-existent (you'll still be able to bake bread and so on, it's just crafting of equipment that will be gone). Thus giving mappers the freedom to price resource stockpiles however they want, without worrying about it becoming too expensive for crafters to craft. So a tent at location A will be able to sell iron bars at a low price. A tent at location B will buy iron bars at a high price. B will also sell leather at a low price. A tent at location C will buy leather at a high price and sell linen at a low price. You'll be able to sell the linen at A or maybe D (and so on), depending on the number of routes set up. Hopefully that explains the trade routes well enough. Doesn't this mean the loss of crafting? Yep. It does. I and a few others within the team believe that the removal of crafting will be for the better - many maps, such as Valley of Swamps, have a lot of issues related to crafting. These issues have come about because of banking, due to fewer people serfing, as most players will eventually have large amounts of gold in their banks and thus won't need craft, mine or collect other resources. Crafting still happens, of course. Clans have been the primary reason for this - it is a strategic disadvantage to you know, have nothing in stock. Thus the better equipment is generally crafted. Sadly this isn't consistent - the clans don't stock of the villages, armouries not associated with castles, markets or even the TW armoury. Ask yourself this - have you ever had to wander around, looking for stocks in... Stock? Or even just a certain set of clothing or a specific weapon, only to find that you can't find any in stock? I have too, and as a play this has resulted in tedium when I could be engaging in roleplay or robbing Lannisters. It also means, in the case that I find what I'm looking for, that I have to be even more cautious than I need to, because I might actually, you know, lose that damn staff. And if it isn't liked? It can be reverted with ease. It's by no means permanent, and if not liked... Well. No problemo.
    • [Admin Application] Vala
      Application edited. No longer Kingshand of Cleganes, or a Clegane due to disbanding of the faction.